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Assemble Your Own Economical Bedroom Chair

An Armchair For The Bedroom

bedroom chair

Source: Ilona Erwin

My cozy little setup for reading: the Poang chair and footstool, a reading lamp, and small bookcase.

Great looking black and white print is an ideal partner for the white, red or black cushions.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect accent for the chair?

I was looking for a bedroom chair


My inspiration for drawing your attention to my bedroom chair? My husband, recently laid up with a bout of sciatica, remarked that it was the only chair he could comfortably sit in. Heretofore, it had been my own exclusive place to sit, and I am presently sitting in it right now as I write this review. I wanted others to enjoy what I have found to be the benefits of this widely available, inexpensive, and comfortable chair for many uses in your home or apartment.

Need Design Ideas?

Need a chair to tuck into your bedroom? That is how I have set up this versatile piece of furniture.

New apartment? You might want a pair of these for you and your guests, they will also move easily when you do.

What about your guest bedroom? Your guests will feel right at home and you can afford to add the extras that make a guest room extra nice.

A den? This might become your favorite TV watching chair, or you might like it for rocking the new baby.

Two things were on my mind

For me, two things were on my mind when shopping for a new chair to fill a space in the corner of my bedroom.


…The fact is that a reading chair in a bedroom is a requisite, in my opinion. Every bedroom needs a place where you can sit to put on your shoes, curl up with a good book, or pull out your organizer and create a list of what needs to get done that day. Or just sit and dream with a cuppa.


If I had been younger, during the days when I had young babies and night feedings, it would be the place that I could gently rock while sitting in the flexible Poang Armchair, but nowadays I like to put my feet up and work on my laptop or read quietly. Tucked away from the the other areas of the house, able to look out my bay window, it is perfect for me.

Back to those two factors that a new bedroom chair had to fulfill:

  1. It had to fit my fairly small budget. This was not as important to me as a family vacation, and not a necessity for anyone in the family except me.
  2. It had to be comfortable. Actually this requirement outweighs the first one of price. So I went around sitting in lots of chairs.

On a visit to IKEA, I sat in this chair and fell in love…with the price AND the comfort.


  • The modern, sleek look ( even though I usually go for bulky easy chairs-I just love this)
  • The matching footstool which gives good leg/foot support, and is lightweight (easy to move when vacuuming)
  • The seat cover pad which adds to the comfort and makes cleaning easy, too.
  • The flexible rocking motion
  • The comfort of the design

But now… my husband has discovered what a nice seat it is, so will I need to buy another?

Look! A New Nursery With the Best Seat In The House

Zoe gets a modern, clean bedroom! With a Poang rocker and a bookshelf seat- how cute!

Zoe gets a modern, clean bedroom! With a Poang rocker and a bookshelf seat- how cute!

This Is A Classic

Have you been to IKEA lately? So many great items that won’t break your budget, and like this piece, many will be classic in thier simple design. Fit it into any room- and it works!

What Color Cushions? Choices!


The cushions are sold separately from the chair. This is not a problem since the chair looks great on its own. I like having the extra padding, and it extends the color and design choices.

There are many colors and a number of styles available for a cushion set that will fit into any room scheme.

I’ve even seen custom seat covers sold on Etsy for this popular chair.

Easy To Assemble

IKEA Poang Chair

Ikea Poang Chair Armchair with Cushion, Cover and Frame
Ikea Poang Chair Armchair with Cushion, Cover and Frame

You can get this great seating from Amazon “delivered to your door” service!

Kid Friendly
I raised ten of them- so I appreciate it when furniture is kid friendly. The cushion covers can be washed or replaced easily.