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Re-evaluation. That is a loaded word and one that we need to apply on a regular basis to life ~ 

As I lay in my bed on this past New Years’ Eve 2015 recovering from ending the year of 2015 on an epic note (a trip to Indonesia – my husband’s homeland – which I plan to blog about …. at some point.), many thoughts and ideas go flashing through my mind preparing to enter a new year- a new chapter as it were. Re-evaluate.

We are now halfway into 2016 and it is definitely flying!  – Can someone please slow the clock down?! The older we are, the more this is true as we crowd so much more in our schedules instead of just savoring one thing for a little longer. 

Jeweled Pocket Watch

I’m thinking maybe a slower-paced year is in my cards the next oh, say, 207 days.  HA! I was saying that back when we were in the earlier part of the year and there wasn’t too much going on…. at the time.                

Come back and catch me in mid to late May – Oh, wait. It IS already June! ….when I’m up to my neck in some new (or old- I tend to have this bad habit of taking on multiple projects and taking FOR-EVERRRRR ….. and a day to *finally* FINISH) project[s].   *Ask my husband, Michael- HAHA!  

Update: I’m a walking self-fulfilling prophecy, y’all! As of this published post, I’ve gone and done it. I’m on a very determined mission to complete my son, AJ’s room which only took me 3 1/2 years to close the door on this renovation project to move on to the next.    

boy's room painting


I’m a procrastinator by nature or one that works better with a deadline looming (as much as I HATE to admit to that since I *vehemently* loathe pressure being put on me).        


 It makes me mad but a mean, productive machine that will knock out all the steps and be done faster than you chanting the pledge of allegiance.                                                **FYI: I’m a bear/bitch when I’m under pressure; stay 10 feet away unless you are helping my load to be lighter. Just keeping it real, y’all!  ;-)           Time Management Words Stock Image                           

I’m also needing some serious help with my “time management” skills. Any way I hash it or improvise, I still end up on the edge of the ‘short’ hand of the clock, so to speak: Meaning – The hours (the short hand) just tick by rapidly.                                                                         Without my permission.                  

With that said, I’ve given it some thought and decided to do two things to channel my focus a little palpably and procure the ability to transform the way I generally operate so that I can be more productive. 


1. Unleash what’s termed a “BRAIN      DUMP”     

-Where everything that’s running through my head be it sorting through a stash of whatever, purging or designating a place with other like items, a project that needs attention, random places to go, things to do, appointments, anything kid-related, etc. et cetera…makes its way to the paper.                                                                    


                              I’ve made a point of staying consistent with it (even if some months I haven’t jotted as much down) and referencing it often.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Brain Dump                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Planner Inspiration




 All that’s needed is a notebook or pad and a pen. I don’t care who you are or how little time you have, you CAN make time to just jot whatever down. It all comes down to what you will prioritize and if you are anything like me, you need all the help you can summon to keep yourself accountable for being and feeling productive.


It has helped enormously in streamlining my time and I’ve consciously made an effort to cut out the bloat that ends up stealing precious time from accomplishing tasks and goals.                                            

        Yes, less time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and {sadly} Pinterest.                                                                                      

         I don’t know about you, but my mind has a million ideas and a never-ending list of things that need to be tackled. I will forget most of those since there is no way to remember it all when it comes to making it happen. Plus, the sad reality that I’m NOT superwoman. Say WHAT?? Say it ain’t so.        






2. Finding a PLANNER that works for you.


Happy Planner watermark


 No. That does not mean hiring yourself a live P.A. (personal assistant) – although that would be ideal and really nice! Haha.


  This may require purchases that turn out to be lemons (true in my case) but eventually (hopefully) you will find a system that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. Or you may be of the “digital” persuasion where a few taps of your smart device have you on the ready for your next venture or event.                                                                                                    I have always been a “planner girl” as far back as I can remember since I would write down schedules, events or whatever I had going on. I loved referencing my planner to keep me mindful of things coming up and it was a good way to start prepping especially for important upcoming occasions.  

Pens and notebooks


Did you know there are a whole slew of communities to inspire you in your planning endeavors??! I’ve recently found yet another hobby to add to my ever-growing list of things I really enjoy! I just got into the MAMBI Happy Planners and don’t get me started on my Etsy sticker addiction!!! Can you tell how exciting this makes me?      


Watermark Planner Layout

“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it”


Planner Collage watermark Gold          


Here’s another little [not so secret] secret to pass on to you on how to be more productive AND not fall apart doing so:                                        Make more room in your time by NOT doing so much! It’s simple really. But we tend to crowd MORE. MORE. MORE into our already cramped lifestyle thinking – We have to. We must. We don’t have much choice.

Sit down and figure what you honestly could cut out – OR add –  to free up your ability to be more productive.   Trust me, if you don’t take care of yourself first and start saying “No”, you will find yourself forced into an intermission/time out either because of illness, injury, conflicts arising, mental breakdown, to name a few.                                                                                                                  

Ask yourself the hard questions –

Is it really necessary or mandatory….
  • To teach that class?
  • Go to that show/conference?
  • Travel so much?
  • Give that speech?
  • Have your kids [or you] involved in so many activities that you are running yourself  (and them) ragged and sick? And no time to take real time for yourself?
  • Wasting time on social media (you know, scrolling every few minutes or every half hour through the feed)?
  • Do this project and that one?  
  • Go to yet another shower/wedding/party?
  • To say “yes” to almost (if not every) invite?

Listen, you may have more energy than most and it may not be hurting anyone now. However, if you are human, you have limits. Sometimes it’s good to take a breather for a spell and re-evaluate where you are at this time, what you could add (if you aren’t prioritizing what is valuable to you and those around you) or extract from your life.                                   Even too much of a good thing can become toxic if it’s detracting from you being effective to those around you, to yourself and living a quality life. You need to GIVE yourself permission to say “NO” more often (for those who have a hard time turning down offers).                                           On the flip side, if you find yourself almost always saying “no”, allow yourself to get more involved and practice saying “YES” to things that will prove beneficial to not only you but others too!

   Day Designer 3 CROP watermark




*Disclaimer: Now I’m still a lifelong work in progress (Read: NOT perfect by any stretch) but I’m preaching and putting into practice as much to myself as anyone of what was just aforesaid. We must extend grace to ourselves and others when we seem to be making progress but find that we still come up short.


 Hope this post helped inspire you in some way and may you have an intentional and productive week!

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Happy Sibling Day 2015!

Happy Sibling Day 2015!


In honor of Sibling Day, I’m posting a few photos of the brothers & sisters in my family {and one of my two kids, of course}.  There are MANY of us – in fact 10 of us altogether! It is not often anymore that we can get us  ALL together, let alone, a shot of all of us at the same time.  


Capturing the whole brood of us crazy siblings from my daughters' party in 2011

Capturing the whole brood of us crazy siblings from my daughters’ party in 2011




Especially now, that we are spread out across the US. The 3 ‘babies’ still live in Ohio ( where I grew up…. for those who don’t know  )  One in Florida; 3 in California; the rest of us (including me) in Georgia. 



Tired after a long Christmas Day

Three of the bros at Christmas time

It was awesome that most of us were able to come home [OHIO] this past Christmas. A rare occasion, indeed!

five sisters

All five of us sisters

It is certainly no walk in the park with all the diverse personalities going on but while we’ve been down some really DARK roads; to and through hell and back, we have forged a formidable and tight bond that is not so easily broken. It’s been said, LOVE conquers all —– well, for all of our faults, it would certainly be the case. We have seen (and continue to see) each other through the best and worst of times.


My two cute little chicadees posing before their annual egg collection this Easter. I’m lucky they *usually* like to ham it up for the camera. Of course…….it helps to have an incentive. Haha.

They also are really sweet with each other and look out for the other—– most of the time! Haha. They have their squabbles like anyone else.                  

I love how close they are and how much they love each other!


Kids posing before the anticipated egg hunt.

Kids posing before the anticipated egg hunt.





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I love my readers! I would love to hear your family stories too. Comment below about life in your family.

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pretty little girl dusting off the gritty sand from her sandals
                     Savannah,GA Memorial Day trip
dusting sand off sandals

Just breathing in a moment of ocean on Tybee Island

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