Framed Green Never Settle 2015

I’m back! I know many are wondering where I’ve been. Rest assured, I’ve been busy trying to figure my game plan to get more consistent with posting on this sweet blog of mine.

I’m resolute with what I need to do to get this blog moving along….. Write! So writing I am. Albeit slowly.

But it’s a start! Haha….


And guess what?! I’m pregnant. ………No, no, not physically with a little human !  Gotcha, didn’t I?!!    

                                                        BUT….. I AM pregnant with –

                 |  >>>> IDEAS <<<<  |  >>>> GOALS <<<<  |  >>>> ASPIRATIONS <<<<  |

I had totally intended to get a post up on the blog in January but as usual, life happened. 

So, while I was doing work behind the scenes (editing pics and uploading them to my blog media backend as well as formulating the beginning of a few posts), February replaced January. And then of course, here it is the first of March!   Yes, I am attempting to establish a rhythm so I can become consistent in making my posts go live.  Consistency AND writing is KEY.

That said, I had the phrase, “NEVER SETTLE” come to mind as the motto of the year 2015 for me. Now, usually I don’t have a “word” or even a “phrase” for the year but somehow these two words – Never Settle – appeared and kept hanging around in great ceremony. 

 Never Settle…….    

                 ◆    for less than my full potential


                 ◆    for mediocre or so-so


                 ◆    for ordinary


                 ◆    for generic or substitutes for the real thing


                 ◆    for achieving perfection instead of embracing the imperfect  (because life is made

                        beautiful through something lost, in the chaos, the broken, the tears,  the mess,

                        rehabilitation,  not having it all together)


                  ◆    for the comfortable


                   ◆    for the easy route


                   ◆    for what you see but instead step out in faith


                   ◆    for compromise with the enemy of good and right


                   ◆    for things being the way they are when things can be                                                                                                      

                         so much better




Indoor Shooting Range

Taking careful aim – June 2014



In light of all this revelatory discourse, what are your goals?

What do you aspire to in 2015?                  

Are you setting your sights for going beyond the proverbial box?


Would love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or on my Facebook page.