Warning : No pics. Sorry, just needed to write this time.


                                Want to know why I’ve been MIA??

I’m still alive and kicking….. I know it’s been several weeks (uh…… make that more like 2 months!

I’m so embarrassed to admit such a long lapse) since my last post.


                                           Life happens.


Especially in summer……. and when school starts back up again.

It seems my life in a nutshell would be a cross between “The Devil Wears Prada”

and whatever movie (right now, a good example evades me…. sadly)

would portray being lazy when I [should] be crossing stuff off my growing list of things to get done.


                                           Can you relate?!   


I’ve had some problems with my *new* laptop’s hard drive. I just got this computer back in April.

Yes, I have the infamous Windows 8 and had upgraded to 8.1 only to find almost non-stop issues.

Mainly of the S-L-O-WWWWWW…….. variety. But somehow about 3 weeks back or so,

it has given me messages like,

  • “not responding”
  • “repairing drive”
  • “restart to repair disc errors”

as well as that dreaded blue churning circle that signals you to wait while page loads.


And I found myself waiting.


                                                                       And waiting yet some more.

Oh, and I will spare you the very ugly details of just how much of an 

out- of -control temper tantrum I threw in the midst of this lowest of low situation.


Okay, I’ll admit this much; I came just short of throwing my laptop in utter aggravation.

                                              Ever been there?

Well, if you have…..let’s just say you would understand the helpless sense of agony

I felt that day it happened.  (Or all the subsequent days since)

To feel a precious whole day or two  (Okay…. maybe more like – many )

was wasted on futile attempts to get my computer (my main source of work where I have 

ALL the important files, photos, downloads, etc) to be halfway operational

was an understatement.


                             Let’s not forget this was a fairly new computer too!

But alas, when all was said and done, there were some compatibility issues with the 8.1 OS

so I have since <downgraded> to just Windows 8.

While a tad better, I still find problems with loading taking longer than normal,

and my computer freezing up. Of course…… this eats up valuable free time I have

to work on my blog in between all the other <STUFF> that consists of  LIFE. 


As of now, while my computer laptop is somewhat functional, I cannot load

all the previously backed up files, pictures, etc. back onto this computer until

I figure out what to do or what can be safely done. I may have to try to send the laptop in

to have the hard drive repaired or replaced. 


                 OR……. I may just have to bite the bullet and just buy a whole new computer.

                               Maybe go with Windows 7 instead and call it a day. Haha.


Just wanted to share with you all that I have not abandoned my lovely blog

and I am busy with all the inspirational things that have been flooding 

through my brain for upcoming posts! I’m bursting with elation just thinking about it!!



However, even when I’m not as active on here currently, due to computer issues,

I am on Instagram under the name —  awexquisitedesign .  I’m in the process

of putting up a sociable on my page but don’t have it up quite yet. 


I have to admit that while I anticipated creating a rhythm in getting my blog

going would not be an easy feat by any stretch, I did not count on this

much of an uphill battle to get on an even keel. 


                      ………. I WILL PREVAIL!………. stay tuned.



       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   POST SCRIPT update   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  

Well, as of yesterday, 9-22-14, my laptop bit the dust, sadly, and to my great dismay.

It has been a long and exhausting road (to say the least) battling with the supposedly

simple-to-use Windows 8 & 8.1 operating system and coming up short on functionability

and compatibility. Even my man who is an expert in the IT department and can usually

figure out the nuances and complexities that are computer systems, was at a loss for

why this happened so soon after purchasing.

We’ve tried calling in for help, resetting the system, rebooting, having less windows

and tabs open, being careful to not come close to maxing out the memory, etc. etc……

All to NO AVAIL.  So now we have to take the last resort which is to send it in

for a hard drive replacement.

Thankfully, I had been able to back up the important files, photos, and downloads

beforehand to an external hard drive and hadn’t bothered to load them back on before

the system went kaput.

All in all, this has been quite a lesson in character building, i.e. patience, self control

and problem solve. But I must say, that I have failed in exercising these good traits many

times throughout this ordeal. It is an eye opener to what I need to work on.