In honor of Sibling Day, I’m posting a few photos of the brothers & sisters in my family {and one of my two kids, of course}.  There are MANY of us – in fact 10 of us altogether! It is not often anymore that we can get us  ALL together, let alone, a shot of all of us at the same time.  


Capturing the whole brood of us crazy siblings from my daughters' party in 2011

Capturing the whole brood of us crazy siblings from my daughters’ party in 2011




Especially now, that we are spread out across the US. The 3 ‘babies’ still live in Ohio ( where I grew up…. for those who don’t know  )  One in Florida; 3 in California; the rest of us (including me) in Georgia. 



Tired after a long Christmas Day

Three of the bros at Christmas time

It was awesome that most of us were able to come home [OHIO] this past Christmas. A rare occasion, indeed!

five sisters

All five of us sisters

It is certainly no walk in the park with all the diverse personalities going on but while we’ve been down some really DARK roads; to and through hell and back, we have forged a formidable and tight bond that is not so easily broken. It’s been said, LOVE conquers all —– well, for all of our faults, it would certainly be the case. We have seen (and continue to see) each other through the best and worst of times.


My two cute little chicadees posing before their annual egg collection this Easter. I’m lucky they *usually* like to ham it up for the camera. Of course…….it helps to have an incentive. Haha.

They also are really sweet with each other and look out for the other—– most of the time! Haha. They have their squabbles like anyone else.                  

I love how close they are and how much they love each other!


Kids posing before the anticipated egg hunt.

Kids posing before the anticipated egg hunt.





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