Oh, hi! Let me fill you in a little about me….I’m Anastasia ……

and I would love, love, love for you to follow along as I journey through the fun & frustration of being a diy-er, creating beauty with my mind & hands (i.e sewing, crafting diy projects, and maybe some beauty tips & tutorials thrown in from time to time) fitness, sharing recipes, and baking & cooking adventures. I also possess an OCD with organization and Pinterest.

I have a marvelous partner-in-crime who assists me in all my lofty schemes I dream up, a handsome little “sugarsnap pea” and “sugarplum princess” whom I “love to the moon and back”. So, grab your drink of choice; mine is good ole’ agua and the occasional Starbucks Frapp. I would be delighted if you would stay awhile…….

 1-DSC_0335                                   [fancy_box]Beautiful backdrop at my wedding courtesy of my mom’s elegant taste in decoration[/fancy_box]