Keep it, or chop it?


 Finally…… Going LIVE with my first real blog post!  About time, huh.


Monday Clip Art

I’m going to take a poll to see what everyone else proposes…….  Do you think I should continue to keep my hair the length it is or…

                             CHOP IT ?!?

I personally prefer my hair longer. My man has succinctly dropped a clear hint that he would like my hair

to be shorter, much shorter. I will admit….. it kind of threw me for a surprise.

I [ assumed ] he preferred it longer ( which he definitively asserted he likes it  LONG too

but just wanted to see a change).

Current and proposed lengths

I finally have recovered the full health of my hair after subjecting it to extreme harshness
that was bleached out “cotton candy” textured hair. 
The unedited version of my "cotton candy" hair back in the day

The unedited version of my “cotton candy” hair back in the day circa 2009



And yes, my hair was < struggling > to grow since I was constantly putting so pressure

[ read:  abuse ]  on it.  So it was stuck at shoulder length for awhile until I finally

decided to give it a break.

And that, my friends, was the best gift I could give my hair.

So…… what do you think??

Voice your opinion in the POLL below or feel free to leave a comment instead. 




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